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Discount Dark Fleet DF85 Atx Full Tower GamingOn Sale Item

Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Atx Full Tower Gaming Computer Case

Rating 5

Boost your computer with a Dark Fleet DF-85 Atx, a great product from Antec Inc. Dark Fleet DF-85 Atx Full Tower Gaming happens to be an example of excellent item you'll find out there. In case you are thinking about purchasing this water mod case, you've come to the right spot. We supply you unique promotions for this case with protected financial transaction. 0761345152389 is the model number for this item. It's 23.5" Height x 19.9" Length x 8.4" Width and it has got a weight of 26.3 lbs. - CE
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Discount Nine Hundred Black Steel Atx Mid TowerOn Sale Item

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel Atx Mid Tower Computer Case

Rating 5

It is well known how fantastic and effortless it is buying on the Internet. Adding a Nine Hundred Black mod helps make your pc feel totally new. The Nine Hundred Black is definitely an instance of good quality case you can find on the internet. For anybody who is thinking of buying this water mod case, you have come to the best place. We offer you unique discount rates for this product with secure financial transaction. I believe you will love that the case includes two front loaded hdd cages for up to 6 hard disk drives. NineHundred is the manufacturer's number for this water mod case. It's dimensions are 19.4"H x 18.4"L x 8.1"W. It weighs only 18.52 lbs. The warranty information supplied by the manufacturer is, 3 years warranty. - CE
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